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HAIR NUTRITIONAL LOTION 6 266 (Normal/Dry) 180ML [266S-5]

HAIR NUTRITIONAL LOTION 6 266 (Normal/Dry) 180ML [266S-5]

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The nutritional lotion is made with a natural blend of herbs that nourish hair and scalp while leaving hair healthy and lustrous. It aids in the prevention of premature hair loss and aging caused by stress and oxidative damage.

Apply an appropriate amount evenly to the scalp twice a day. For greater absorption into the scalp, massage gently for 5-10 minutes. Rinsing is not required.

Suitable for Normal and Dry Hair Scalp.

Main Ingredients
Codonopsis Root:  Helps strengthen the scalp barrier while also protecting the scalp from various stress factors such as pollution in order to prevent premature hair loss.

Astragalus Root: Adaptogenic herb that has antioxidant properties. Protects the scalp and hair from oxidative damage which helps to prevent premature aging.

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