Collection: Hair Treatments


Hair Nutritional Lotion 2 Hair Nutritional Lotion 3
Normal / Oily / Normal Normal / Oily / Normal

An additional boost of nutrients reduces hair loss, balances oil secretion, and reverses the growth of grey hair.

Angelica Root: Contains phytoestrogens which suppress scalp DHT levels. This helps to prevent new hair from looking thin and brittle while reducing hair loss.

Chinese Arborvitae Twig and Leaf: Help support the health of the scalp along with the potential to prevent hair loss and premature graying of hair. 

Salvia Root: Rich in antioxidants to help combat oxidative stress on the scalp which helps better hair growth.

Cnidium Fruit: Balance and maintain a good environment for healthy hair.

Hair Nutritional Lotion 6
 Hair Nutritional Lotion 7
Normal / Dry  Sensitive

Protects hair from premature hair loss and aging caused by stress and oxidative damage.

Codonopsis Root: Helps strengthen the scalp barrier while also protecting the scalp from various stress factors such as pollution in order to prevent premature hair loss.

Astragalus Root: Protects the scalp and hair from oxidative damage which helps to prevent premature aging.

Protects hair from dandruff and hair loss.

Herba Speranskiae Tuberculatae: Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help ease scalp discomfort

Sophora Root: Energizes the hair follicles and protects them from oxidative damage. Protects hair from premature aging and hair loss.